Our Steering Committee

Thaler McCormick

Thaler McCormick is the chief executive officer of ForKids and resides in Norfolk. She has a BS in Business, as well as a Masters in Urban and Environmental Planning. Ms. McCormick has spent over 20 years working to ameliorate achievement gaps for children living in homelessness and poverty. ForKids’ programs touch more than 14,000 households annually and all school districts in South Hampton Roads.

She is a strong proponent for regional data collection to inform the understanding of community needs and the efficacy of interventions. As a little girl, she memorized every word of “The Three Little Kittens” and “Green Eggs and Ham.” At about the age of 10 she fell in love with “The Boxcar Children” series. “Living in a boxcar seemed pretty awesome.” Her fondest memory of kindergarten, “Ms. Shoop would let me take my mat and sleep under the sand table during naptime. It was REALLY cozy under the sand table.”

Vision for Minus 9 to 5:



“It is my hope that we can identify targeted best practice solutions to build strong and stable families, customize them for South Hampton Roads and implement them so they reach the most at-risk families.”