Pathway Through Pregnancy: Hampton Roads


Pregnant mom eating healthy food

This Toolkit is brought to you by community organizations coming together to welcome your baby to Hampton Roads.

  1. Learn about regional home visiting programs or contact a doula.
  2. Get early, regular prenatal care and consider taking prenatal vitamins. Apply for healthcare coverage.
  3. Eat a healthy diet and know which medications are safe during pregnancy.
  4. Support your physical (oral) and mental health for a Full Term Baby and know when to call your provider during pregnancy and after (postpartum).
  5. Know where to find support or help. Visit Resources 757
  6. Get help caring for your new baby: Basic Supplies, Safe Sleeping Space, Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding.
  7. Keep your postpartum appointments with your OBGYN, connect with a primary care physician or Moms Matter to stay on top of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and Diabetes.