How We Work

Collective Impact

An innovative and structured approach for lasting social change

Collective impact involves bringing multiple people and organizations together to develop ideas and solutions to a complex social issue. In the case of Minus 9 to 5, the issue is improving early care and education for children and their families in Hampton Roads.

Using a collective approach to addressing issues gives greater impact than if one organization tackled an issue alone. Rather than looking for one solution or funding a single program, collective impact brings together diverse organizations to accomplish common goals.

There are five hallmarks of collective impact:

  • A common agenda that defines the shared vision for change and ensures that everyone is focused in the same direction.
  • A shared system of measurement with key indicators used to measure the impact.
  • Mutually reinforcing activities that work together.
  • Continuous communication within and across organizations
  • A backbone staff of people coordinating the work of the initiative.

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