Our Steering Committee

Felicia Ford

Felicia Ford

Felicia Ford is Executive Director of a private foundation that “envisions self-sufficiency for all.” She lives in Hampton and has a B.S. in Occupational and Technical Studies and a Master’s of Science in Management. She holds graduate certifications in Project Management, Change Management, and IT and Business Transformation. Ms. Ford has worked at Tidewater Community College in several capacities including Academic Advisor, Adjunct Professor and Great Expectations Coordinator. She has also worked in the private agency sector in South Hampton Roads developing programs and services for family preservation, truancy prevention, and independent living for foster youth. Ms. Ford has served on the Norfolk Court Services Interdisciplinary Team from 2007 until present. She has also worked at the SDP Institute for Leadership in Analytics at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University- specifically linked to the Strategic Data Project.

  • Her favorite children’s book is “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak; she also loves the Judy Blume book series.
  • Her best kindergarten memory is gathering on the carpet to watch Sesame Street.

Minus 9 to 5 vision:

“It still “takes a village.” I see the Minus 9 to 5 vision materializing as a well-equipped village with attainable norms for parents who thrive rather than solely focus on survival. The collective impact model is one where data collection transforms policy and policy transforms processes. It is with excitement to analyze incremental processes among organizations, providers, and educators that will radically change the lives of children and their families in South Hampton Roads.”