Our Steering Committee

Nancy Welch, MD

Dr. Nancy Welch, MD is Director of the Chesapeake Health Department. She also lives in Chesapeake. She has the following degrees: BS in Biology and Chemistry, Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Health Administration and Doctor of Medicine. She is dual board certified in Pediatrics and Preventative Medicine. She has served on the board of directors for the Chesapeake Health Advisory; Health Chesapeake, Inc.; South Hampton Roads Coalition for Early Childhood; and Smart Beginnings South Hampton Roads. Her favorite children’s book is Velveteen Rabbit. Her best memory from kindergarten is visiting the library and sitting on the sidewalk curb reading her book.


“Both as a pediatrician with a special focus on growth and development and a preventative health specialist, I have devoted myself to child advocacy. This commitment was reinforced when I adopted two abused and abandoned 6-year-old children from an orphanage in Ukraine. I witnessed firsthand the negative impact of a non-nurturing early childhood and lived the challenges of helping those children learn to trust and accept love. No child should have to overcome such devastating beginnings. The efforts of Minus 9 to 5 will work toward building a stronger system to support healthy, thriving and ready to learn children in our region.”