Our Impact

A Collective Impact

Collective impact is not a solution in itself, but a problem-solving process, which requires us to measure our progress and evaluate our impact in several different ways. Collective impact is a system building, long-term endeavor; changes in our shared metric data will not happen overnight.

Increased alignment and coordination of programs and services takes time and is hard work. Through alignment, coordination and intentional attention to filling gaps in our early care and education system, we hope to achieve our goal of moving the needle towards our desired outcomes.

Our ultimate vision is to ensure that the children in our region are healthy, thriving and entering school ready to learn.

Under the guidance of our steering committee, the following set of metrics were identified as indicators to measure our impact.

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Graphic showing the areas of Minus 9 to 5's impact.

Through these we will measure the desired changes across our region in children’s health, thriving and readiness to learn. These measures were selected as indicators that will help to illustrate the reality of Hampton Road’s children.

Starting with baseline data collected in 2017, we will begin the journey to improve outcomes. A target date of 2022 has been set for assessing the changes in outcome data.

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