About VQB5

What is VQB5?

The Unified Virginia Quality Birth to Five System (VQB5) is a measurement and improvement system that focuses on the quality of all publicly-funded* birth-five classrooms and supports families to choose quality programming across different program types. VQB5 sets shared expectations for measuring quality and supporting teachers for all birth to five programs.

Through VQB5, teachers and leaders will receive the feedback and support they need to help young children learn. By fall 2023, all publicly-funded programs will be required to participate with ratings shared publicly in fall 2024. Early childhood programs that do not receive any public funds have the option to participate.

Why participate in VQB5?

  • Strengthened quality: Through VQB5, educators and leaders will receive individualized feedback and support to provide quality experiences for young children
  • Training and support: Educators and leaders participating in VQB5 will have access to supports, training, and resources to help improve interactions and curriculum, including CLASS® training
  • Financial recognition: Eligible educators participating in VQB5 will receive up to $2,500 through RecognizeB5
  • Opportunity to prepare and receive a practice rating: The 2022-2023 academic year is the last opportunity to practice participating in VQB5 before participation will be required for publicly-funded sites beginning in Fall 2023
What’s different from last year?

Starting with the 2022-23 academic year, EVMS Minus 9 to 5 will be administering the VQB5 grant for Ready Region Southeastern. This means that all publicly funded* birth-five classrooms in the region are eligible to participate.

There are more resources and supports available for VQB5, including an increase in the Teacher/Assistant Teacher Recognition Award, more targeted professional development to support improvement of CLASS scores, an improved LinkB5 user experience, as well as new roles such as a Family Engagement Specialist, a Coordinated Enrollment Specialist, and a regional Family Council.

A multi-ethnic group of preschool students sitting on the floor in their classroom raising their hands.

To learn more about VQB5 in general, please see the Virginia Department of Education’s VQB5 webpage.